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Our Investment Philosophy

At Indico, our core investing principles gird all of our portfolio decisions. We believe that a long-term, patient, and disciplined approach that values diversification applies universally to all of our clients, and chasing the "next new thing" can become a costly distraction to a well articulated plan for compounding capital.


We firmly believe that asset allocation, rather than manager and stock selection, is the primary driver of long-term returns, and commensurately, risk, for our clients - with this in mind, we believe that an upfront investment of time and resources to understand our client's existing exposures and tilts is critical.


We believe that most markets are large and efficient, and offer limited opportunity for capturing alpha on a consistent basis. As such, we rely on the use of ETFs whenever it is in the best interest of clients, a practice that over time also minimizes drags from trading, taxes, and recurring fees.


We aim to pick the best "active" managers in sectors with high dispersion, where deep expertise and experience truly matter. Our thorough diligence and research process aims to identify select managers that have shown persistence of return through a range of market environments. We believe that Alternatives ("illiquid investments") also have the potential to provide uncorrelated returns and alpha generation opportunities for clients. However, these benefits must seriously be weighed against the true costs of manager fees, long lock up periods, and the downward pressure on returns from an abundance of capital.


We believe that we have an obligation to enhance our clients' returns by staying opportunistic and vigilant through periods of market dislocation. We understand that periods of heightened market and macroeconomic uncertainty are generally accompanied by more attractive asset valuations.

Our fee structure is simple, with no hidden costs or incentives.


Finally, we are believers in simplicity and transparency.


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